5 Things To Do When Selling Your Home

Below are 5 things that I see that may help Sellers, sell their homes.

1. Internet – Research shows that approx. 84% of all buyers look on the internet before they contact a Realtor. Make sure that your Lake City FL home  is on the internet.

2. Price Your Home Right – Do a little research and also ask your Realtor for a CMA to see what homes comparable to yours are selling for. Sometimes Comps. of sold homes are every hard to find. If you don’t price it right, you will never have anyone even look at it. If the buyers have 5 homes that are comparable to yours but are less, they will look at the 5 lowered priced homes first.

3. Clean Your Home – Clean your home inside and out. If you have any kind of smells in your home, such as a pet smell. Try and get that smell out of your home. Make sure that the yard is also in nice shape.

4. Safeguard Your Private Information – Don’t leave anything that is your private information out where possible buyers can see it.

5. Leave The Buyer(s) Alone – When a Realtor shows up with a possible buyer(s), leave them alone. Go outside or leave for a hour or so. The buyers do not like a homeowner following them around everywhere. They will to be able to talk to each other and the Realtor, without watching what they say. If they have questions the Realtor will get the information later from you.

For information on Lake City FL Real Estate, please visit my web site at http://www.NorthFlHomesandLand.com . Hi, my name is Bruce Dicks and I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty in Lake City.


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