How to Get Rid of Snakes in Lake City FL

Well, I guess I made it through the Weekend. lol! I had a run in with a snake that tried to bite me. If you have some Lake City FL real estate, and have a snake problem, I have found out that snakes supposedly do not like sulfur and Moth Balls. Everyone around the Lake City FL area are saying to put both of them on the edge of your property and under any building that is up off the ground.

I have also heard that Lowes and Home Depot, also have some kind of snake prevention, in a bag. I was told that some of the ingredients in that bag is Moth Balls and Sulfur.

Hopeful Baptist Church lake City FL Heaven’s Gates, Hell Flames is still going on at Hopeful Baptist Church in Lake City, FL through Tues night. If you are around Lake City and need something to do, this would be a great Drama to go see.

I got a call on Saturday, that the people who puts the Drama on, that their sound board had went out. After about two hours, we was able to hook up a sound board that we had extra and they were back up and going. So, as you can see I had some kind of weekend. HAHA.

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Thanks Bruce Dicks, Realtor

Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty


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