Where is the Smoke Coming From in Lake City FL?

So, where is the smoke coming from? The Florida Highway Patrol is advising that there is a control 300 acre burn coming on near Falling Creek Road in Lake City FL. The areas mainly effected is I-75 from Mile Marker 406 to Mile Marker 416. They are advising to reduce your speed and use low beams. I also know that other roads and areas in this area is also effected, so please make sure to take the same precautions.IMG_20131016_155040

There are several events occurring this weekend and for the next few weeks in and around Lake City Florida. Visit my Lake City FL real estate and local information blog to stay informed.

Hi, my name is Bruce Dicks, and I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty in Lake City FL. Are you searching for a home or land to move to this area? If so, visit my website Lake City FL Real Estate.

Bruce Dicks, Realtor,e-PRO

Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty

Lake City FL – http://www.NorthFLHomesandLand.com



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