Lake City Florida Christmas Lights for 2015

Lake City Florida is already looking like Christmas. Several places turned on their Christmas Lights Tonight. The above photo is from CR 131 and CR 240. This family has done this for several years.

Lake City Florida Events

Lake City Florida Events

Also Saturday, November 29, 2015 in Lake City Fl is the Festival of Lights with local entertainment. It will start at 3:00 at Olustee Park in Lake City. See photo for more information.

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The photo below is of another location in Lake City that has some Christmas Lights. This location is off of SR 47 at the corner of King Road. There are several other possible areas in and around Lake City, but I have not seen them yet. There is always Christmas light in the Country Club Road Area.

The Christmas Parade for Lake City will be on December 13, 2013. Also, December 7,2015 Hopeful Baptist Church will be having there Christmas Special starting at 6:30 pm.

Bruce Dicks, Realtor

Lake City FL Real Estate

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